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Take a look at the projects Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano has delivered within its Program of Migration and Peacebuilding by scrolling down.

Youth Peacebuilders

Project that seeks to strenghten the economic and social resilience of Ecuadorian youth and of Colombian refugee young people at the northern border zone, through training processes that promote their active participation in building a culture of peace.


Young people, including migrants, living in border zone territories have increased their capacities in peacebuilding and sustainable development

Colombian and Ecuadorian young people have identified problems of their communities and improved their protagonism in positive social change by performing projects to address them

Colombian young migrants have increased their resilience and are able to face their current life challenges by overcoming past experiences related to conflict


“Everyone has the right to be heard. Not because we are from a different ethnic group, we have to keep silent about our feelings. We must express ourselves and exercise our rights just as the others do.”


This project has been supported by Catholic Relief Services.

A Youth Observatory to Monitor Public Policies on Climate Change in the Amazon Region


Youth from diverse cultural and social collectives and local authorities have deepened their knowledge on climate change and its effects on human well-being, in particular regarding water security, energy security, food security, health, and ecosystem security in the region.

Strengthened mechanisms to provide space for shared visions among young people, youth of indigenous nationalities and local governments on the topics of climate change and climate security.

Enhanced monitoring and reporting by youth on public policies relating to climate change and the possible conflicts related to the effects of climate change.


“As a young person, I realized that it is very important to work towards care of our planet, taking into account our own actions. I found this experience as a good addition to my educational process.”

RESOURCES [only available in Spanish]

Radio Podcast Active Youth Towards Climate Change:

This project has been supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

United in the diversity we build a border of peace


Public space fullfills needs of youth by improving the management and organizational capacities of local authoirities and promoting youth participation in decision-making and dialogue platforms.

Disseminating the paradigm of a culture of peace among youth through training and awareness raising within the population of the border zone.

Promoting economic opportunities within youth through savings and loans programs.


“...having the chance to discuss about violence, to know that what before seemed to be normal is not. We have learnt how to solve our conflicts, what advocacy means, the fact that we do have rights.”


This project has been supported by USAID

Youth as main actors of peacebuilding and development in the northern border of Ecuador


Improved levels of participation from youth in Sucumbios (Local Youth Committee).

Youth have further knowledge about the problems in their communities and their rights (training process).

Strengthened articulation platforms for youth concern about their rights’ compliance (Youth Network of the Ecuador-Colombia border zone).


“Change and transformation in Latin America reside in care, unity and youth organization.”


Statement of the Youth Network of the Ecuador-Colombia border zone


This project has been supported by Cooperacion Internacional and Fundacion MAPFRE